Kiki Youth Education CIC puts young people first. Our projects and services have been, designed, consulted with, implemented and evaluated in a co-production model with young people. We are a needs led organisation that is informed and driven by the young people who we work with and in areas with the most need.


It is important for us and vital for them, that responsibility is shared, and outcomes achieved are celebrated by them and us. These choices and decisions help direct where projects need to go so that they are able to succeed. This methodology helps young people to learn and grow as individuals, allowing them to make mistakes, identify positive change for themselves and their communities, and importantly, always providing them with a choice.


Youth Groups

We operate an open access youth group in Enfield (PNL Youth) for young people who experience disadvantage due to their social; economic, racial, ethnic, or gender background.

Our youth groups promote inclusion, diversity, community involvement, positive aspirations and outcomes and are co-produced in partnership with young people and in partnership with ECYPS [Enfield Children Young People's Services].

As a non-profit, funding is much needed to run projects which provide opportunities for young people to participate, learn, develop and aspire.

Proud North London

LGBT+ Youth provisions in North London
[Barnet, Enfield, Waltham Forest & Haringey]

AMonday group meets in Tottenham and
a Friday group meets in Enfield

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Project: The Road Not Taken

The road not taken is a project allowing young people to explore opportunities that they have missed out on, or chosen not to explore due to socio-economic disadvantage, their identity, their mental health or related to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Rainbow Road Not Taken - Our LGBT+ arm of the project has been funding by the National Lottery. This project explores the opportunities that LGBT+ Youth have missed out on due to exploring their sexual orientation/gender identity and/or having issues such as depression/social anxiety/bullying which has prevented participation.


Building Strong Communities

LGBT+ Youth were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have successfully gained funding from the Building Strong Communities Fund to provide mentoring and signposting services.

The aim and outcomes of this work are:

  • Promote feelings of belonging within LGBT+ Young people
  • Decrease feelings of loneliness and social isolation.
  • Increase feelings of connection within the wider LGBT+ community
This work will commence from July 2022 until March 2023.